Reseller Program

ILLEGEAR Reseller Program

As a company, ILLEGEAR delivers its products to customers through a network of resellers. First, you already have relationships with many customers. Second, we firmly believe that you understand your customers’ needs and the nuances. Thus, ILLEGEAR has developed a very simple and rewarding Reseller Partner Program.

ILLEGEAR Reseller Program is results-oriented because it is based on the belief that a successful reseller program is measured in sustained revenue earned by the partners and customer satisfaction. The program is unique among industry reseller programs because it was designed from the ground up with feedback from our partners, ensuring the success of both the partner and ILLEGEAR. As such, partners don’t need to follow complex rules or meet any stringent requirements to benefit. For our relationship with you to succeed and to be long-term, we must be available when you need us, and above all else to be fair and easy to do business with.

ILLEGEAR Reseller Benefits

We know that you’re interested in your credibility, your performance as well as your profitability as a reseller. We have customized our program to help you succeed! What are you waiting for? Begin enjoying the following benefits today!
  • Incredible Profit Margin
  • No Minimum Order Quantity Requirement
  • Marketing Materials and Sales Tools
  • Sales and Technical Training
  • World-Class Support (Dedicated Account Manager and Technical Support)
  • Access to Reseller Zone via ILLEGEAR™ Official Store
  • Drop Shipping
  • Use of Partner Logo in Marketing
  • Listed on ILLEGEAR’s Where to Buy page

Partners join the program by submitting a simple application form designed to help us understand your business and the customers you serve.

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Terms and Conditions

1. All advertising and promotional material created by the reseller that includes the ILLEGEAR logo must be approved by ILLEGEAR TECHNOLOGY prior to publication.
2. The reseller agrees to sales information being disclosed to ILLEGEAR TECHNOLOGY.
3. The Authorization will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and may be continued or terminated at ILLEGEAR TECHNOLOGY’s discretion.
4. The reseller agrees to notify ILLEGEAR TECHNOLOGY of any significant change to information supplied on this application.
5. The reseller has read and agrees with the Agreement of this application.
6. ILLEGEAR TECHNOLOGY reserves the right to de-authorize reseller partners for any reason.


This Agreement shall govern the disclosure and furnishing by ILLEGEAR TECHNOLOGY to Authorized Reseller of certain written confidential and proprietary information of ILLEGEAR TECHNOLOGY which is marked as proprietary or confidential (hereinafter “Proprietary Information”) and the use and return of such information by Authorized Reseller. Proprietary Information is either owned by ILLEGEAR TECHNOLOGY, or is owned by a third party and is in ILLEGEAR TECHNOLOGY’s possession pursuant to an agreement of confidentiality.

The Proprietary Information will be used by the Authorized Reseller only for the purpose of the consulting work being undertaken by the authorized reseller for ILLEGEAR TECHNOLOGY as part of the Authorized Reseller’s Marketing and Internal Training requirements. Authorized Reseller agrees that authorized reseller shall receive the Proprietary Information subject to the following conditions:

1. Authorized Reseller shall not disclose the Proprietary Information to anyone except persons who have signed a non-disclosure agreement incorporating these terms.

2. Authorized Reseller shall not copy the Proprietary Information without permission and shall return to ILLEGEAR TECHNOLOGY any portion of the Proprietary Information at any time upon request by ILLEGEAR TECHNOLOGY.

3. The obligations stated herein shall be binding upon authorized reseller until the first anniversary date of this Agreement, or until:
(a) The Proprietary Information appears in a printed publication; or
(b) The Proprietary Information ceases to be confidential other than as a breach of this Agreement by Authorized Reseller.

4. Authorized Reseller shall have no obligations hereunder for Proprietary Information which:
(a) at the time of disclosure is in the public domain;
(b) at the time of disclosure is known to Authorized Reseller without an agreement to treat confidential;
(c) is independently developed by Authorized Reseller without reference to the Proprietary Information received from ILLEGEAR TECHNOLOGY; or
(d) is required to be released by Authorized Reseller as a result of subpoena or order of judicial or administrative body.

5. Authorized Reseller shall not export or re-export Proprietary Information.

6. Authorized Reseller acquires no intellectual property rights under this Agreement, except the limited right to use set out explicitly above. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Law of Malaysia.